Dentist to help with Sleep Apnea, in Westlake Village | Malibu California

Obstructive sleep apnea and loud snoring can cause serious medical problems.  OSA increases the risk of serious illness, including stroke, heart attack and diabetes.  Choosing a sleep apnea dentist who is qualified to work together with your sleep specialist is vital to your health – or the health of a loved one.

Just Because The Dentist Says They treat Sleep Apnea does not mean they have been trained

Legally, any dentist can treat OSA with an oral appliance.  But this does not mean that every dentist has the training or the experience to provide therapy.  The dentist you decide upon to treat your obstructive sleep apnea must have a proper education and ample experience working with sleeping disorders especially

Westlake Village dentists cannot legally diagnose obstructive sleep apnea so it is essential that the dentist you choose is able to work closely with your physician or sleep specialist to establish an appropriate treatment.

A properly trained Obstructive Sleep Apnea Dentist in California should:

  • Realize that an oral appliance is not always the most effective treatment and when appropriate recommends alternate solutions
  • Have proper knowledge of jaw joint function , sleep medicine, oral appliance researchHave a strong relationships with local sleep labs and sleep physicians
  • Use a team approach with other professionals. Management by a dentist should always involve interaction and communication with your family physician, cardiologist, pulmonologist and/or endocrinologist and others as necessaryHave an established follow-up system to ensure healthy long-standing results
  • Have adequate training/education in oral appliance therapy
  • Must fully explain all possible contraindications and potential side effects
  • Not recommend oral appliance therapy to treat a medical condition unless that proposal is based upon published, peer-reviewed, scientific research

Oral appliance therapy for snoring and sleep apnea is not typically taught in dental schools.  Therefore it is your responsibility to ask the dentist you choose for proof of adequate professional continuing education courses from reliable, accredited sources. To find a sleep apnea dentist near you pleas visit [ directory]


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  • Sleep Studies
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