Diagnosing Sleep Apnea | Los Angeles | Agoura Hills | CA

Following an evaluation of your symptoms, a proper diagnosis of sleep apnea can involve four different methods; a review of your medical and family history, a physical exam and a deep sleep study known as a polysomnogram.

Medical History for Snoring Treatment

During your medical review, the doctor will want to know if anyone in your family in the past of currently has been diagnosed with sleep apnea.  The doctor will then ask you and your family about your sleeping habits and how you manage yourself during the day.  You may need to keep a sleep journal in which you record your sleeping patterns because the doctor will need to know about any variations in breathing, snoring and if you make any choking or gasping sounds.

Physical Exam for Sleep Disorders

In a physical exam, the doctor will examine your nose, throat and mouth for any irregularities like extra or large tissues.

Sleep Study

A sleep study is the most accurate method of diagnosing sleep apnea.  The most commonly used sleep study is a polysomnogram or PSG.  This test uses special sensors to record brain activity, eye movement,  muscle activity, breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, air flow in and out of your lungs and the oxygen levels in your blood.

Case Studies

  • Sleep Studies
  • MAS


  • Sleep Studies
  • MAS